Dave Thomas AKA DJ Dowster has been involved in the UK hardcore scene for a long time. After being introduced to the scene at the age of 14 with his first ever Rave tape of Easygroove in 1991 followed by his first ever rave at Vision, Popham Air Field, Winchester in 1992 he fell in love with the music and had visions of one day becoming a dj himself. Over the years of visiting raves Dowster’s dream to dj was becoming reality.




The name Vagabond will need no introduction to those that like their hardcore to be banging, uplifing and epic.  Having released well over 50 tracks with Next Generation and Blatent Beats, a diverse range of hardcore flavours have been covered under this guise along with his other aliases -  Euphoria, Dreadhed and occasionally popping up as one half of Double Dutch.  A serious array of dancefloor destroyers are in his arsenal ranging from catchy hands in the air vocal numbers to gut shattering gabba monsters with all sorts of randomness in between!







Since Breeze found himself joining up with long term friend, Darren Styles, Breeze and Styles have produced countless Hardcore and commercial hit tracks for over 8 years becoming one of dance musics biggest brands. Signed to major label AATW records, Breeze features on clubland albums, clubland TV and clubland LIVE! and has sold over half a million alums through the massively popular Clubland Xtreme Hardcore series, which he produces and mixes as well as playing to sell out Arena crowds of for clubland LIVE!



Cat Knight

Cat has had a passion for music and dancing since the age of four, She had professional training at Laine Theatre Arts, and went on to travel the world as a Choreographer, Singer and Dancer on many projects. royal She worked dancing for various T.V shows, including Dance Energy, Hotel Babylon and marketing videos for the B.B.C. Cat also worked doing promotions and club style dancing.

Following on from a series of hugely successful anthems in the hardcore scene, Cat Knight has recently teamed up with Dowster, Vagabond and the elusive Dr. S to add her vibrant style to Candy Crush Music.

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