The name Vagabond will need no introduction to those that like their hardcore to be banging, uplifing and epic.  Having released well over 50 tracks with Next Generation and Blatent Beats, a diverse range of hardcore flavours have been covered under this guise along with his other aliases -  Euphoria, Dreadhed and occasionally popping up as one half of Double Dutch.  A serious array of dancefloor destroyers are in his arsenal ranging from catchy hands in the air vocal numbers to gut shattering gabba monsters with all sorts of randomness in between!

With a vast selection of fresh projects on the go with Dowster, Vagabond is bringing cutting edge hardcore to cater for all.  You may see him behind the decks occasionally or on stage with a keyboard and laptop, but most of his time is spent trying to blow Dowsters studio monitors!

Tastes in music and production talents are not however restricted to the highly energised world of hardcore.  Projects from hiphop, house, trance, hard dance, electro, folk, classical, rock, world music and much more have kept this guy busy from a very early age.  Recently signed to Candy Crush Music, Vagabond is currently working his magic selection of hardcore tracks with the likes Breeze and Cat Knight, as well as the Daddy of Welsh hardcore (Dowster),  to blast the dancefloors of 2011 into oblivion. As always a variety of flavours will be covered so keep an ear to the ground and an eye on this site to see what is coming!

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