Dave Thomas AKA DJ Dowster has been involved in the UK hardcore scene for a long time. After being introduced to the scene at the age of 14 with his first ever Rave tape of Easygroove in 1991 followed by his first ever rave at Vision, Popham Air Field, Winchester in 1992 he fell in love with the music and had visions of one day becoming a dj himself. Over the years of visiting raves Dowster’s dream to dj was becoming reality. He had starting doing a lot of sets on the South Wales free party circuit. He then started getting bookings at Hillside in Tonyrefail and Southern Exposure, Porthcawl. During this time Dowster also created his own under 18’s event called Club Zenon. Along with the co-promoter of Club Zenon, Dowster created the artist name Dowster and Uprise and the duo started making some of their own tracks.

In early 2001 Dowster met MC Wotsee and began to expand his name in South Wales by playing regular sets in Newport and forming a Welsh Super Event with Wotsee called Devastation which became the biggest all night event in Wales at that time. During 2002 Dowster and Uprise were also making tracks with some of the biggest names in Hardcore and from this they were signed to Raverbaby Records with numerous tracks also featuring on Bonkers albums, Hardcore Heaven albums, HTID albums etc, etc.

Over the next year Dowster released many tracks along with Uprise, UFO, Dougal and Gammer and continued to promote Devastation but Dave decided in 2003 to take time out of Hardcore to concentrate on other business opportunities whilst still continuing to pay attention to the scene and with what was going on.

In late 2009 Dowster began to heavily push this new exciting label called Candy Crush Music. After a few tracks got signed to a number of Hardcore albums Dowster decided to make a comeback as a DJ. After a six year DJ’ing break from the scene Dowster got booked to play at Hardcore Evolution and had a positive response so the plan for Candy Crush Music to expand came into action.

At the start of 2011 Dowster decided to add Vagabond to the label and create a new innovative fresh sound for Hardcore. After three months of working every day on new tracks the duo played a completely brand new set at the May Hardcore Evolution event in Newport. From all of Dowster’s history in the scene and his passion to DJ and make the best tracks he possibly can, all of the Hardcore ravers out there can expect to see a lot more of Dowster and Candy Crush Music. With loads of gigs now pencilled in across the UK for the forth coming months it is without question that Dowster is the Daddy of the Welsh Hardcore scene.

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